About Us

You may well have seen our cars driving around Tauranga and the surrounding area, so you are probably already familiar with our name. We have developed a very loyal and wide ranging clientele over the last 12 or so years. Most of our new customers come via word of mouth referrals from our very happy present day clients or from people who have used our services in the past. Nothing beats a personal referral to give you confidence and trust in a new service you are employing.

We are a team of six hard working and honest women who take a lot of pride in keeping your home beautifully clean and fresh. We are happy to accommodate the different individual needs of each home and you can rely on us to think outside of the square and notice those extra things that might just need to be done.

So if you are thinking of getting some help around the house, whether it be on a regular basis or just every now and then, please give us a call and have a chat about how we can assist you.There are no contracts involved, just happy customers.